Pronghorn Antelope

Antelope (1)Pronghorn Antelope (Antilocapra americana)  Find an Outfitter FWP Hunting Guide

ANIMAL SUMMARY: The Pronghorn Antelope is a species found only in North America, the last living species from an ancient group of ungulate populations with forked horns that lived millions of years ago. The pronghorn is sustained on cud, found living in areas where they can graze and browse.

ANIMAL DESCRIPTION: Antelope usually weigh about 125 lbs. as males and 110 lbs. as females. Their thick coats making up a large amount of their mass. As seen in the photo, antelope are usually orange/tan in color with patches of white on the rear, stomach, neck, and facial regions. Both sexes can grow horns and therefore a male is distinguished by the black patch found on his jaw/ neck region. Horns consist of a permanent bone core covered by a black sheath of compacted hair that is shed each year after the rut. This makes the antelope the only know species to shed its horns. The antelope is also the only North American ungulate without the dewclaw, there are only two toes per hoof.

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR: Pronghorns are found mostly in herds, smaller in the summer and larger in the winter. The rut is in the fall and offspring are dropped between May and June. The life expectancy in usually around ten years. The antelope has phenomenal eyesight necessary to spot imminent danger with time to run away. It is the fastest land animal in North America with sprint speeds reaching 60 mph.

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