Black Bear

Black BearBlack Bear (Ursus americanus) Find an Outfitter FWP Hunting Guide Bear Identification Test Extra Identification Info and Practice

A typical black bear is not always black but they also can be of other color from brown or cinnamon to blond. Male black bears weigh 180-250 pounds and occasionally they weigh up to 400 pounds. Female black bears weigh 120-180 pounds. Their muzzle is straight and long in profile and they have tall round ears while their claws of front feet are dark, strongly curved and shorter (seldom more than 1 1/2 inches) than those of Grizzly Bear. Black bears are largely nocturnal and usually solitary. They dig less elaborate dens than Grizzly Bears, often in natural cavities (trees, rocks), under logs, brush piles, or even buildings.

Black Bear Distribution